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Getting an EU Passport by Investing in Cyprus

The RoC government will now issue an EU Passport to an investor and his family upon investment of a minimum of 5 million euros. Conditions Apply.

REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS - Council of Ministers decision dated 24.5.2013


 on the basis of subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2013

A non-Cypriot citizen may by exception apply for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship,  if  he/she meets one of the following criteria:

A.1   Mixed investments and a donation to a state fund: 

The applicant must have made the following investments and donation:

(a) an amount of at least Euro 2,0 million for the  purchase of shares and/or bonds of the  Investment company of the state under formation and

Provided that the applicant may deposit the said amount with the Treasury of the state until the  shares and/or bonds of the said company are issued.

(b) an amount of at least Euro 5 million as a donation to the Research and Technology Fund


A.2    Direct Investments: 

The applicant must have direct investments in Cyprus of at least Euro 5,0 million.  Direct Investments may alternatively involve the following:

(a)  the  purchase  of  properties  (houses,  offices, shops, hotels etc or a development  of  a similar nature, excluding underdeveloped land),

(b)  the  purchase of businesses or companies that are based and are active in the  Republic of Cyprus.

(c) the purchase of shares of companies registered in the Republic of Cyprus.

(d) the purchase of financial assets (e.g. bonds / securities / debentures registered and issued in the  Republic  of  Cyprus,  including  those  to  be  issued  by  the  Solidarity  Fund on the basis of the Establishment of a National Solidarity Fund Law of 2013).

(e) participation in a company/ consortium of companies that has undertaken to carry out a public project  

Provided that with regard to conditions (a) to (d), the applicant shall retain the said assets in his possession for a period of at least three years. In the case of a share or bond portfolio, it is to be ensured that the amount of the value of the portfolio for the said period will not fall below the amount specified. 

Provided further  that the  Minister  of Interior  shall have the right, for the  period  ending  on  30  June 2014, to reduce the amount required for Direct Investment to Euro 2,0 million for non-Cypriot  citizens,  who  demonstrably  participate  in a special  collective  real  estate  purchase  scheme,  which  will  comprise  the  purchase  of  property  on  the  territory  of  the  Republic  of  Cyprus,  controlled by the Government of the Republic, of a total value of at least Euro 10,0 billion.


A.3     Deposits in banks:

The applicant must have personal fixed term deposits for three years in Cypriot banks or deposits of  privately owned  companies or trusts (in which he/she is the beneficiary owner) in the Republic of  Cyprus of at least Euro 5,0 million


A.4        A  Combination  of  Mixed  Investments  and  a  Donation  to  a  State  Fund  (A.1),  Direct  Investments (A.2) and Deposits in Cypriot Banks (A.3):

The applicant is required to have a combination of the above amounting to at least Euro 5,0 million


A.5     Business Activities:  

The  applicant  must  be  a  shareholder  or  beneficiary  owner  of  a  company  (or  companies)  the management of which is in the Republic of Cyprus and that over the last 3 years prior to submitting  the application has paid to State Funds (corporate tax, V.A.T. or other fees and charges etc) and  remuneration  for  the  purchase  of  business  services  (legal,  accounting,  auditing)  as  amount  of  at least Euro 500.000 per annum.

Alternatively in the case where the applicant is a shareholder or beneficiary owner of a company (or  companies)  that  is  active  in  Cyprus,  has  established  its  central  offices  in  Cyprus  and  employs  at  least  five  (5)  Cypriot  citizens,  then  the  minimum  amount  that  must  be  paid  for  the  above  (direct  revenue 2013 corporate tax, V.A.T. or other fees and charges etc and remuneration for the purchase of  business  services ,  legal,  accounting,  auditing)  is  reduced  to  at  least  Euro 350.000 for  the  last three 

years preceding the submission of the application.

In the case where the applicant is a shareholder or beneficiary owner of a company (or companies)  that is active in Cyprus, has established its central offices in Cyprus and employs at least ten (10)  Cypriot  citizens,  then  the  minimum  amount  that  must  be  paid  for  the  above  (direct  revenue,  corporate tax, V.A.T. or other fees and charges etc and remuneration for the purchase of business  services ,  legal,  accounting,  auditing)  is  reduced  to  at  least  Euro 200.000  for  the  last  three  years  preceding the submission of the application.

For  every  such  company  (or  companies)  applications  for  naturalisation  may  be  submitted  by  a  maximum of two (2) shareholders, who preferably hold the majority of the share capital. 

In the case where the applicant has paid the Cyprus economy direct revenue or fees (as described  herein above) an amount less than the above mentioned   amounts, a combination may be made with  criteria A.1 (Mixed Investments and Donations to State Funds) or

A.2 (Direct Investments ) or A.3 (Deposits in Banks).  The total of payments to State Funds and remuneration for services in the last  three years shall be deducted from the required investment to satisfy criteria A.1 or A.2 or A.3.


A.6       Persons whose deposits with the Bank of Cyprus or Popular Bank have been impaired  due to the measures implemented in both Banks after the 15th March 2013. 

The applicant has incurred an impairment in deposits on one or both of the above mentioned Banks  amounting to a total of at least Euro 3,0 million.    

In the  case  where the  applicant has  incurred  an  impairment in  his  deposits  in  one  or  both  of the  above mentioned  Banks  under Euro 3,0  million  he  may  apply  having  made  an  Additional  Direct  Investment (A.2) or Mixed Investments or a Donation to a State Fund (A.1) for the balance of the  required amount of the said criterion.


1.         Clean Criminal Record: the applicant must have a clean criminal record. Furthermore, his  name must not be included on the list of persons whose property is ordered to be frozen within the  boundaries of the European Union. 

2.         Residence in the Republic of Cyprus: In all cases listed in Part A, the applicant must hold  a permanent privately-owned residence in the Republic of Cyprus, the purchase price of which must  be at least Euro 500.000, plus V.A.T.  

3.         In the case where following a periodic inspection it has been ascertained that any condition  is being circumvented, the naturalisation may be revoked.


In  order  to  examine  any  applications  (M127)  various  documents  are  required  to  be  submitted,  including  the  contract  of  sale  and  a  confirmation  of  settlement  of  the  dwelling  referred  to  in  B.  2  above and the following, depending on the case:

1.  Mixed investments and a Donation to a state fund

       (a) Receipts for the donations to the Research and Technology Fund 

       (b)  Receipts  from  the  Treasury  of  the  Republic  of  Cyprus  for  the  purchase  of  shares  and/or bonds from the investment company of the State under formation. 

2.  Direct Investments

       (a) For the purchase of immovable property: Contract of Sale, Title Deeds/  Receipt for lodging the contract with the Lands and Surveys Department, Receipts for paying the agreed purchase  price. 

       (b) For the purchase of a business, company: Contract of Sale, Receipts for paying the agreed  purchase price, Confirmation from the Registrar of Companies as to shareholders. 

       (c) For the purchase of Shares: Share Certificates

       (d) For the purchase of financial assets: Title/titles and other documents regarding the financial  assets.

3.   Deposits in banks

       (a) Confirmation from Cypriot banks as to the fixe   term deposits for three years of the applicant  or  the  companies  in  which  he  is  the  beneficiary  owner  or  of  the  trust  in  which  he  is  the  beneficiary owner

       (b) In the case of deposits of companies in which the applicant is the owner/ beneficiary owner,  the Certificate of Registration of the Company by the Registrar of Companies and/or any other  relevant evidence is to be attached. 

4.   Business Activities

       (a) Certificate of Registration of the Company (or companies) by the Registrar of Companies.  

       (b) Certificate of shareholders by the Registrar of Companies or certificates evidencing that he  is the beneficiary owner of the company (or companies)

       (c) Confirmation as to the amounts paid with regar   to the purchase of business services. The  confirmation is to be issued by the business service providers 

       (d) Audited Accounts of the company (or companies) for the last three years preceding the year  of the application

       (e)  Confirmation  from  the  Social  Insurance  Department  as  to  the  insurable  income  of  the  employees in the company (or companies) of the applicant.

5.    Impairment of deposits in the Bank of Cyprus and in the Popular Bank

       (a) Confirmation as to the level and the time of the impairment of the deposits. 

       (b) In the  case of  deposits of  companies in  which  the applicant is  the beneficiary  owner, the  Certificate  of  Registration  of  the  Company  by  the  Registrar  of  Companies  and/or  any  other  evidence is to be attached.

None of the above affect the absolute discretion of the Council of Ministers in taking a Decision. 


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